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For Digital Cover : Womaniean

Procedure for @womaniean Magazine Cover Page:

1. Submission and Review:
a. Submit your work and portfolio to @womaniean Magazine for review.
b. Our team will carefully review your work and feed to assess its suitability for a cover page feature.

2. Selection and Payment:
a. If your work is selected for the cover page, you will be notified via email or direct message.
b. To proceed with the cover page feature, you will need to pay a cover page fee.

3. Online Interview and Questionnaire:
a. Once the payment is received, our team will schedule an online interview via WhatsApp or Instagram.
b. During the interview, we will discuss your journey, achievements, and other relevant topics.
c. Following the interview, we will send you a questionnaire to gather additional information.

4. Article Writing:
a. Our experienced editor will write an article about you, highlighting your journey, achievements, and any other relevant details.
b. The article will be crafted with care and professionalism to present you in the best possible light.

5. Digital Article Publication:
a. Upon completion, we will provide you with one digital article featuring your cover page on
b. The article will be published on our website, showcasing your work, achievements, and the story behind your success.